September 20, 2018

Will & Laura – St Edwards of the Riverina Wedding

Will and Laura chose St. Edwards of the Riverina as their wedding venue and were married on a cloudy, rainy day in November. Josh and Sophie’s wedding venue always delivers the magic and this wedding was no exception. I won’t taint the story with too many of my words because hopefully you’re going to see how special this day was through the pictures. Will and Laura are real-deal best friends and have a super strong bond that can’t be explained with words. As a wedding photographer, it was brilliant to be pointing a camera at such a strong story. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t want to leave at the end of it. Sometimes the people I am capturing are so magnetic, it’s difficult to remember that I’m there as a professional and not as an old friend. These guys are a prime example of this and I will remember them and the love they have for each-other for a long, long time…