March 10, 2016

Kai & Lucinda – The Gap Wedding

Kai and Lucinda were married about 25 minutes from my front door at St. Edwards of the Riverina, a rustic old church and grounds converted into an amazing homestead + wedding/function venue. I ride my bike along the gap road past this place often and It truly is a beautiful area. Josh and Sophie are such great hosts and this wedding was an excellent example of that.

Kai and Lucinda are both doctors working in Sydney. Their ties to this area are strong, hence the staging of this wonderful day in these parts. In Lucinda’s words, a lot of the guests had not been west ofso it was a true eye opener for many of them.

I loved the flow of this day – the outpouring of emotion from all involved. My job becomes so much more rewarding when the vibe of a wedding is centred on why we’re all there in the first place. I think everything that happens during the day should bounce around that very thing… It really shows in the pictures when people are free to be themselves and show how they really feel. It’s a wedding after all… there’s no point in poker faces.

There were so many interesting people and so many surprises for me that day. The ceremony was so intimate and expertly navigated by celebrant Trent Cash. I’ve never heard such a great poetic dedication to the bride and groom before! He had everyone in hysterics through the entire duration of his super witty creation. Oh and I’ll never forget he D-floor. It was completely out of control… just the way I like it.

OK, here’s their story from the beginning…

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