Every wedding is a unique story worth telling…

Great characters who share deep connections, suspense at every moment and an engaging story that twists and turns it’s way through every emotion… I love every little bit of that. That’s what drew me to capturing weddings in the first place.

It’s all about the story.

I’m committed to creating a comprehensive narrative of your unique, wonderful day with my camera and my heart.

It’s important to me that your wedding photos have a purpose. You should want to look at them because you’re excited about re-living the day and feeling everything you felt all over again. For this to happen, I think the pictures of your day need to be genuine moments captured as they actually happen so you see your day just as it was. Even when there is time to create portraits in a fine-art style, my focus will always be all about telling your unique wedding story, showing the real spirit of the people present and capturing the energy of the day itself.

I like to think that you found your way to my website because you’re looking for someone who provides more than just photographs. I hope you’re looking for someone who will be as connected to your wedding day as you are…

I treasure the opportunity to gift such amazing people with my unique vision of their day. To provide an account of the natural energy and magic of a one of a kind wedding story is my passion. I can’t imagine doing anything else.


If you think I might be a good match for you and your wedding day, simply send me a message using the contact option on the site. I will respond ASAP with my availability and full pricing sheet.

If you prefer talking on the phone, give me a call on 0418 461 400.

Either way, let’s start talking soon…

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